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Goblin Mode : How to Get Cozy, Embrace Imperfection, and Thrive in the Muck by McKayla Coyle


Embrace your inner goblin!


Learn to decorate, dress, craft, forage, and live according to the goblin principles of community, diversity, and joyful mess. Do you ever feel strange, gross, chaotic, underappreciated, or like you don t quite fit in? Great news: you might be a goblin! That means your imperfections and idiosyncrasies are the most awesome things about you, and you can build a more harmonious life by accepting and honoring them taking inspiration from the frogs, fungi, moss, rocks, and dirt that goblins love. Goblin Mode includes life advice for celebrating physical and mental diversity, rejecting prejudice, and generally hanging on to a little joy.

Can a mushroom give you fashion tips? Can a snail teach you to be a happier person?


You bet they can and in this book, you'll also learn to:

- Create a moss garden for your lair

- Grow and use medicinal plants

- Forage for berries (even in the city)

- Mend your cozy sweaters

- Display your cool rock collection.


And more! Featuring 25 whimsical illustrations by Marian Churchland, Goblin Mode will help you rethink your relationship with yourself, your home, your community, and the earth

Goblin Mode: How to Get Cozy, Embrace Imperfection, and Thrive in the Muck

  • Format: Hardback

    ISBN: 9781683693536

    Imprint: Quirk Books 

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