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Featured book: The Pomegranate Gate by Ariel Kaplan.


The first instalment in a groundbreaking new historical fantasy series inspired by Jewish folklore for fans of Naomi Novik & Ava Reid.


Two worlds bound by a pomegranate gate…

Toba Peres can speak but she can’t shout; she can walk but she can’t run; and she can write in five languages… with both hands at the same time.

Naftaly Cresques dreams every night of an orange-eyed stranger; when awake, he sees things that aren’t real; and he carries a book he can never lose and never read.

When the Queen of Sefarad orders all the nation’s Jews to leave or convert, Toba and Naftaly are forced to flee, but an unlucky encounter leaves them both separated from their caravan. Lost in the wilderness, Toba follows an orange-eyed stranger through a mysterious gate in a pomegranate grove, leaving Naftaly behind.

With a single step, Toba enters an ancient world that mirrors her own. There, she finds that her fate—and Naftaly’s—are bound to an ancient conflict threatening to destroy both realms.


What's included in your box?

  • A signed bookplate copy of The Pomegranate Gate by Ariel Kaplan.
  • An exclusive letter from Ariel.
  • Two surprise bookish items.
  • A vegan treat to enjoy while you read.

July 2023 – Portals to Other Worlds – Full Dryad Book Box

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