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Rusalka is a mysterious water demon of Slavic mythology: living by the lake in the ancient Forest, she is the deadly threat luring in lost wanderers...or so the old legends say. But who really is Rusalka and how did she come to be? Where do her powers come from and what dark secrets might hide in her fragmented memories?


Rusalka - Part 1 is Kamila’s debut comic book, self-published in 2021. Since being funded in 3 hours through a Kickstarter campaign, the comic was published in English and Polish version. It was awarded in 2022 by the Polish Comics Association in the Best Debut category.


Explore more of Kamila's work on her website: 

Rusalka Part 1 by Kamila Kròl

  • Pages: 44 (incl. the cover)
    Format: B5 (25 x 17.5 cm)
    Print: Full colour
    Paper: Thicker cover with matte finish + matte inside pages

  • “The contrasting colour scenes for Rusalka’s verdant world and the autumnal human dream one give each a distinctive atmosphere and mood of its own, suiting those different incarnations and timeframes. The carefully crafted beauty of Rusalka’s surroundings can nevertheless lurch suddenly into nightmare horror to remind us that all is not as it seems, and there are some highly imaginative single images to bring the fantastical elements of the story to life.” – Broken Frontier



    “It has this flowing, textured, almost liquid style that sees element throughout the panels of the page. It’s part illustration, part pre-raphaelite painting. All of this perfectly compliments the aquatic theme of the character, and it even feels like it has the flow of an aquatic Studio Ghibli animation like Ponyo at times as well. The pages could literally be dripping it feels so fluid!” – Pipedream Comics

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