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From the acclaimed author of The Seep, comes a provocative and astonishing new novel where three women from a strange new world seek to break free of a society that wants to constrain their attitudes to food, sex and their own bodies.


In the quaint religious town of Seagate, abstaining from food brings one closer to God. But Beatrice Bolano is hungry.

She craves the forbidden: butter, flambe, marzipan. As Seagate takes increasingly extreme measures to regulate every calorie its citizens consume, Beatrice must make a choice: give up her secret passion for cooking or leave the only community she has known. Elsewhere, Reiko Rimando has left her modest roots for a college tech scholarship in the big city.

A flawless student, she is set up for success . . .

until her school pulls her funding, leaving her to face either a mountain of debt or a humiliating return home. But Reiko is done being at the mercy of the system. She forges a third path – outside of the law.

With the guidance of a mysterious cookbook written by a kitchen maid centuries ago, Beatrice and Reiko each grasp for a life of freedom – something more easily imagined than achieved in a world dominated by catastrophic corporate greed.


A startling fable of the entwined perils of capitalism, body politics, and the stigmas women face for appetites of every kind, Chana Porter's profound new novel explores the reclamation of pleasure as a revolutionary act.

The Thick and The Lean by Chana Porter

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781803366180

    Imprint: Titan Books

  • "Porter’s newest is simultaneously a dark capitalist dystopia and a sexy allegory of queerness. It takes on the toxicity of purity movements and beauty culture in a well-built world where sex is encouraged and indulged but chewing in public is taboo. Porter’s narrative digs into how religion and capitalism infiltrate societal norms on a big scale and into the pain of unlearning trauma and fat-shaming on a deeper scale, while delivering the stories of two lovable, complex characters and a convincing, moving conclusion." – Booklist


    "An incredibly subversive piece of literature... This is the type of book that quite a few schools will be using in their curriculum years from now, and quite a few other schools will have banned. It is a celebration of defiance, delivered not with fiery rhetoric and indignant outrage, but presented with humble confidence, like a generational family recipe—a perfectly seasoned fish stew built off a three-day base and years of hard work mastering the small details. Seriously. You do not want to miss this book." - Lightspeed Magazine


    "Porter’s sensual descriptions of even the simplest foods, inspired foraging, and creative cookery will resonate with those who love foodie fiction, while her visceral and blatant expressions of body, racial, and class stigma and fetishism give her allegory a heavy punch. This is sure to impress." - Publishers Weekly

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