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Dark and twisted family roots threaten to strangle their home's foundations in this chilling haunted house novel from the award-winning master of modern horror, T. Kingfisher. In this ordinary North Carolina suburb, family secrets are always in bloom.

Samantha Montgomery pulls into the driveway of her family home to find a massive black vulture perched on the mailbox, staring at the house. Inside, everything has changed. Gone is the eclectic warmth Sam expects; instead the walls are a sterile white.

Now, it's very important to say grace before dinner, and her mother won't hear a word against Sam's long-dead and little-missed grandmother, who was the first to put down roots in this small southern town. The longer Sam stays, the stranger things get. And every day, more vultures circle overhead...

A House with Good Bones by T Kingfisher

£16.99 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price
  • Format: Hardback

    ISBN: 9781803364339

    Imprint: Titan Books

  • “I was compelled to read the book in one breathless, white-knuckled sitting. Vultures, ladybugs, and underground children, oh my!” — Paul Tremblay, author of The Pallbearers Club.


    “Wickedly witty, intensely scary, and a thoroughly modern take on the Southern Gothic, about thorny family secrets that refuse to stay buried.” — Rachel Harrison, author of Cackle.


    “A special blend of horror and snarky mundanity, wherein the not-so-dearly departed demand half-frozen ham, terrifying abominations hunger for blood, and the vacuum is full of ladybugs. A creepshow in taupe, with extra vultures. I loved it.” — Travis Baldree, author of Legends & Lattes.

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