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Shrek meets John Tucker Must Die in this tale of three fairy tale princesses seeking revenge on their shared ex, Prince Charming…


Brave, Resourceful, Deceitful, Double-Crossing… Charming.


Prince Jean-Marc Charming Arundel, known to friends and enemies alike as “Prince Charming,” is handsome, well-mannered, brave, a peerless swordsman, a cunning tactician – and a liar, a con man and a fraud. For years he has been travelling from one kingdom to the next, rescuing endangered princesses and maidens, securing their troths and his place in their fathers’ palaces, then looting their treasuries and having it away before dawn.


Until a chance meeting of three of his victims – raven-haired Marie Blanche de Neige, the sorceress Doctor Emilia Rapunzel and the long-slumbering Bella Lucia dei’ Sogni – suggests a course of revenge…

Charming by Jade Linwood

  • Format: Paperback 

    ISBN: 9781786188465

    Imprint: Solaris

  • 'Sebold has a flair for storytelling... you’ll enjoy this if you appreciate the better end of female-friendly fantasy,' – Sfx

    'This book promised me fun and frolics of a fantasy nature, and I was not disappointed. The story is fast, fun and feisty,' – British Fantasy Society

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