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Journey through magical fairy tales, chivalric adventures, mystical events and celebrated foundation myths. Trace how folk traditions and the manners of courtly love have developed through generations and across continents and how the most celebrated of ancient stories have become even more fantastical with age.


Chantry Westwell has used her profound knowledge of the Library’s illuminated manuscript collections to explore some of literature’s most enduring and multi-layered stories, together with the deep history of the books and chronicles in which they were first preserved. These powerful tales are presented alongside some of the most exquisite examples of art to survive from the eighth to the sixteenth centuries as medieval artists responded to the inspiring storylines with their own works of supreme beauty.

Dragons, Heroes, Myths & Magic: The Medieval Art of Storytelling

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  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9780712354141

    Publisher: British Library

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