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A sharp-witted, high fantasy farce featuring killer moat squid, toxic masculinity, evil wizards and a garlic festival - all at once. Perfect for fans of T. Kingfisher, K. J. Parker and Travis Baldree. 


Our exclusive paperback features:

  • An exclusive red digitally printed foredge, with red sprayed top and bottom edges.
  • A signed & doodled bookplate from author, Caitlin Rozakis.


Limited to 100 copies.

Printed in association with Titan Books Ltd.


PLEASE NOTE: Copies are expected to start shipping on May 31st.



To get a copy of this edition, along with other exclusive goodies, including a wooden goblin pin inspired by Dreadful, check out May's Dryad Book Box. Click here to find out more.



It's bad enough waking up in a half-destroyed evil wizard's workshop with no eyebrows, no memories, and no idea how long you have before the Dread Lord Whomever shows up to murder you horribly and then turn your skull into a goblet or something.

It's a lot worse when you realize that Dread Lord Whomever is... you. Gav isn't really sure how he ended up with a castle full of goblins, or why he has a princess locked in a cell.

All he can do is play along with his own evil plan in hopes of getting his memories back before he gets himself killed. But as he realizes that nothing - from the incredibly tasteless cloak adorned with flames to the aforementioned princess - is quite what it seems, Gav must face up to all the things the Dread Lord Gavrax has done. And he'll have to answer the hardest question of all - who does he want to be?A high fantasy farce featuring killer moat squid, toxic masculinity, an evil wizard convocation, and a garlic festival.

All at once. Dread Lord Gavrax has had better weeks.

Dreadful by Caitlin Rozakis – SIGNED EXCLUSIVE EDITION

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781803365473

    Imprint: Titan Books Ltd

  • Please be aware that if you purchase any in-stock items alongside your pre-order, all items in your order be shipped when your pre-order arrives. Please place a separate order if you need the in-stock items sooner. Thank you!

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