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A dazzling debut for fans of Becky Chambers and Mary Robinette Kowal.


In the distant future, climate change has reduced Earth to a hard-scrabble wasteland. Saints and sinners, lawmakers and sheriffs, gunslingers and horse thieves abound.


Folk are as diverse and divided as they've ever been - except in their shared suspicions when a stranger comes to town. One night a ship falls from the sky, bringing the planet's first visitor in three hundred years. She's armed, she's scared... and she's looking for someone.


Frontier is a heartfelt queer romance in a high noon standoff with Earth's uncertain future, full of love, loss, and laser guns.

Frontier by Grace Curtis

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781529390568

    Imprint: Hodderscape

  • “Curtis oozes charm and humour in this pacey debut, which will be devoured by fans of Fallout and Firefly.” — Tamsyn Muri

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