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A breath-taking YA fantasy, illustrated with stunning Japanese-inspired artwork by the author, perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Xiran Jay Zhao and R.F. Kuang.


Meet the Hakai Family Hellmakers: Purveyors of artisan hells and unlucky days to inflict upon your enemies.


They'll make it personal... But for a price!


Hyo Hakai is a hellmaker. But when a curse destroys her village, she and her brother are forced to flee to the Island of Onogoro - a place where Gods live among humans.

Hyo expects the bodies when they show up, but as she investigates, she is drawn into a tangled web of ens, death, conspiracy and secrets.

Hyo the Hellmaker by Mina Ikemoto Ghosh

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9780702328954

    Publisher: Scholastic UK

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