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Interstellar fugitive Idrian Delaciel will die by inches, and Remy Canta will laugh as he goes.


Five years ago, Idrian ordered a withering—a death curse—cast on Remy's brother that cost him his life, and Remy hasn't been the same since. Now Remy finally has the materials he needs to return the favour, but he has one major problem. When he casts the withering, it rebounds onto him.


The implications are unthinkable: Remy is fatebound to his brother's killer.


Even worse, the only way to slow the curse for long enough to find a cure is to join forces with Idrian and his criminal crew. But when he gets there, Remy discovers there are more than just their lives at stake.


Idrian is the sole provider of life-saving supplies to tens of thousands of innocents, and when he dies, they'll die with him. Caught up in perilous heists and a race against time, Remy finds himself truly living for the first time since his brother died.


Too bad for Remy—the only way to stop a withering is to kill the witherer.


Winter's Orbit meets The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet in this story of loss, power, and privilege with a queerplatonic hate to love story at its heart.

Lord of the Empty Isles by Jules Arbeaux

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Expected to ship on June 6th.
  • Format: Hardback

    ISBN: 9781399724975

    Imprint: Hodderscape