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From the internationally bestselling author of The Atlas Six, One For My Enemy is a spellbinding Romeo and Juliet retelling of witches, magic and intrigue.

In New York City, two rival witch families fight for the upper hand.

The Antonova sisters are beautiful, cunning and ruthless. But their underground narcotics business is threatened by their long-standing adversaries, the Fedorov brothers.

For twelve years, the families have maintained a fraught stalemate. Then everything is thrown into disarray. Bad blood carries them to the brink of disaster, even as a forbidden romance blossoms between two opposing sides. Yet the heirs still struggle for power, and internal conflicts could rot each family from within. That is, if the enmity between empires doesn’t destroy both sides first.

One For My Enemy is an irresistible, romantic tale of ambition, sacrifice and the enduring power of family legacies, set in the criminal underbelly of magical Manhattan.

One For My Enemy by Olivie Blake

  • "The witty dialogue, exciting twists, and excellent pacing make this a witchy, mob-inspired adventure that will excite fans of V.E. Schwab and Leigh Bardugo.”—Booklist

    "Thrilling and reminiscent of Romeo & JulietOne for My Enemy is a whirlwind of fantasy and romantic suspense!”—Barnes & Noble

    “Olivie Blake, master of writing extremely sexy and dangerous women, is back . . . One for My Enemy is exquisitely written and immersive; you’ll feel like you just destroyed a box of chocolate truffles by the end of it. Do you feel devastated? Yes. Was it absolutely worth it? Also yes.”—

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781035011599

    Imprint: Tor

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