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The stunning, gender-flipped novel about love, creativity and the power of speaking out – perfect for fans of Madeline Miller, Pat Barker and Natalie Haynes. This independent bookshop edition features teal ombré sprayed edges with a digitally printed laurel design!


Their love transcends every boundary. Can it cheat death?


Orphia dreams of something more than the warrior crafts she's been forced to learn. Hidden away on a far-flung island, her blood sings with poetry and her words can move flowers to bloom and forests to grow … but her father, the sun god Apollo, has forbidden her this art.


A chance meeting with a young shield-maker, Eurydicius, gives her the courage to use her voice. After wielding all her gifts to defeat one final champion, Orphia draws the scrutiny of the gods. Performing her poetry, she wins the protection of the goddesses of the arts: the powerful Muses, who welcome her to their sanctuary on Mount Parnassus. Orphia learns to hone her talents, crafting words of magic infused with history, love and tragedy.

Orphia and Eurydicius by Elyse John – INDIE BOOKSHOP EDITION

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  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781460763049

    Publisher: HarperCollins

  • 'Elyse John's deft language lays bare the exquisite intimacies of human connection, from the brutal - yet seductive - exercise of power over another, to the moments of tenderness and vulnerability between lovers.' – Shelley Parker-Chan, author of She Who Became the Sun.


    ‘A cleverly conceived and lyrically crafted reimagining. John deftly weaves a compelling and insightful narrative that interrogates not only patriarchy but the gendered dynamics of love, romance and the role of artist and muse. It is a story about the importance of having a voice, and a delightful subversion of myth' – Bea Fitzgerald, Sunday Times bestselling author of Girl, Goddess, Queen.

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