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When Leah finally returns after a deep sea mission that ended in catastrophe, her wife Miri knows that something is wrong. Whatever happened in that vessel stranded on the ocean floor, Leah has carried part of it with her, onto dry land and into their home. As Miri searches for answers to her wife's altered state, she must face the possibility that the woman she loves is slipping from her grasp...

Our Wives Under The Sea by Julia Armfield – Independent Exclusive Edition

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  • Format: Paperback 

    ISBN: 9781529017250

    Imprint: Picador

  • “Frightening, otherworldly, but above all gripping.” — Sunday Times


    “Deeply romantic and fabulously strange.” — Sarah Waters


    “Beautiful, otherworldly, like floating through water with your eyes open.” — Daisy Johnson 

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