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The second in a pacy and lyrical fantasy adventure trilogy set in a world of flying ships, sky cities and rebel uprisings.

Kurara and her shipmates have escaped the grasp of the princess, whose wish to control and command them as her own human shikigami would be a fate worse than death. Travelling through the forests and across the seas of Mikoshima, they finally the Grand Stream, where their old airship – and old enemies – await.

Both parties seek the greatest shikigami of all: Suzaku, a paper phoenix. But will it be saved – or destroyed?

Rebel Fire by Ann Sei Lin (Rebel Skies Trilogy #2)

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781406399608

    Imprint: Walker Books Ltd

  • Praise for The Rebel Fire Trilogy:


    "Featuring a vivid mythology, spectacular battles, and an endlessly surprising heroine, Rebel Skies is as intricate, beautiful and startling as one of the paper spirits Kurara brings to life." – Jonathan Stroud

    "A magical debut that reads like a Ghibli film, brimming with imagination, action and heart." – Natasha Ngan

    "An intricately constructed ode to papercraft and Japanese culture. I fell in love with this world of airships, cumulous whales and floating cities. Pure magic." – Lauren James

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