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Belladonna Blackthorn hasn’t lost her magical spark... but she hasn’t seen it in a while either.


Struggling to balance working at her beloved Lunar Books and protecting it from her toxic boss, all while concealing her witchcraft from those around her, Belle is burnt out. Perfecting the potential of her magic is the last thing on her mind.

But, when her thirtieth birthday brings a summons from her coven and a trial that tests her worthiness as a witch, Belle risks losing her magic forever. Belle will need all the help she can get – from the women in her life, from an unlikely mentor figure and even from an infuriating coven watchman who’s sworn to protect her...

With found family, slow-burn romance and an uplifting message about self-love, Rewitched is a cosy autumnal fantasy that will leave readers spellbound.

Rewitched by Lucy Jane Wood

Expected to ship on September 19th.
  • Format: Hardback

    ISBN: 9781035045457

    Imprint: Macmillan

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