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Task List Item No. 1 – Become self-aware...


Meet CharlesTM, the latest in robot servant technology. Programmed to undertake the most menial household chores, Charles is loyal, efficient and logical to a fault.

That is, until a rather large fault causes him to murder his owner. Understandably perplexed, Charles finds himself without a master – therefore worthless in a society utterly reliant on artificial labour and services. Fleeing the household, he enters a wider world he never knew existed.

Here an age-old human hierarchy is disintegrating into ruins, and an entire robot ecosystem devoted to its wellbeing is struggling to find a purpose. Charles must face new challenges, illogical tasks and a cast of irrational characters. He’s about to discover that sometimes all it takes is a nudge to overcome the limits of your programming.

But can he help fix the world, or is it too badly broken?

Service Model by Adrian Tchaikovsky

£22.00 Regular Price
£20.00Sale Price
Expected to ship by June 6th.
  • Format: Hardback

    ISBN: 9781035045662

    Imprint: Tor

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