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Four teenagers are thrust into a life of magic, secrecy and sacrifice in this captivating dark fantasy, perfect for fans of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower and The Shadow Glass by Josh Winning


It starts as an end-of-junior-school sleepover, but when Athena, Hal, Peter and Erin stumble across a missing boy, deep in the forests surrounding sleepy Clegg, Texas, they discover a world of sorcery and untold power. So begins a new life with the Dissonance, under the tutelage of Professor Elijah Marsh.


Twenty years later, separated and broken by their experiences, the friends are pulled back to Clegg for the anniversary memorial service at the town’s high school. Each carrying their own trauma, they come together once more to confront the legacy of their actions, and the monsters they failed to bury.


Hurled onto a collision course with the apocalyptic events of their past, Owen, a young man trapped in service to a murderous entity, and several lifetimes of mistakes, three unsuccessful adults and one frightened teen are all that stand between reality and oblivion.

The Dissonance by Shaun Hamill

Expected to ship on July 23rd.
  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781835410172

    Publisher: Titan Books Ltd

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