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The third & final instalment of the Hell's Library trilogy.


To save the Library of the Unwritten in Hell, former librarian Claire and her allies may have to destroy it first, in the final book of the bestselling fantasy trilogyTo save the Library of the Unwritten in Hell, former librarian Claire and her allies may have to destroy it first. Claire, rakish Hero, angel Rami, and muse-turned-librarian Brevity have accomplished the impossible by discovering the true nature of unwritten books. But now that the secret is out, in its quest for power Hell will be coming for every wing of the Library.

To protect the Unwritten Wing and stave off the insidious reach of Malphas, one of Hell's most bloodthirsty generals, Claire and her friends will have to decide how much they're willing to sacrifice to keep their vulnerable corner of the afterlife. Succeeding would mean rewriting the nature of the Library, but losing would mean obliteration. Their only chance at survival lies in outwitting Hell and writing a new chapter for the Library.

Luckily, Claire and her friends know how the right story, told well, can start a revolution.

The God of Lost Words by A.J. Hackwith (The Library of Hell #3)

£8.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price
  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781789093216

    Publisher: Titan Books

  • Praise for The Library of the Unwritten:


    'Clever, charming, full of intricate worldbuilding and delightful characters, The Library of the Unwritten is the first book in your new favorite series,' – Christina Henry, author of The Girl in Red.


    'It's like 'The Good Place' meets Law & Order: Bibliophile Crime Unit. Highly recommended. This book is so much fun, and you should be reading it. Trust me,' – Seanan McGuire, author of In an Absent Dream.


    'The Library of the Unwritten is a tiered dark chocolate cake of a book. The read is rich and robust, the prose has layers upon layers, and the characters melt like ganache upon the tongue. A saturated, decadent treat. An unforgettable, crave-worthy experience. A book lovers' book; a supreme and masterful concoction that makes fresh fiction out of dusty Dante and boring Bible bits,' – Meg Elison, Philip K. Dick Award Winner.

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