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A swoony, speculative and entirely electric YA debut with a humorous and satirical take on the conventions of the superhero-verse, for fans of Michelle Quach’s Not Here To Be Liked and the Marvel Universe.


Seventeen-year-old Jenna Ray has just been saved by the world’s newest superhero, Blaze. And, in the eyes of the public, that means one thing: Jenna Ray has been cast as the Love Interest.

No. Not happening. Not if Jenna has anything to say about it (even if Blaze is actually quite sweet and cute).

But her plans to defy the HPA (the Heroics and Power Authority) and turn down this new role are thwarted when the Villains begin to take an interest in her and offer a life-changing proposition; become Blaze’s Love Interest, while avoiding catching feelings for him, to uncover the HPA’s secret plans and find her missing mum.


To make matters even more complicated, just as Jenna starts to embrace her new-found career, she discovers she might be more on the side of the superheroes than she ever imagined …

The Love Interest by Helen Comerford

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781526667588

    Imprint: Bloomsbury YA

  • 'A funny, swoony, romantic, feminist take on the superhero genre. Who needs a hero when you've got yourself?' ― Christine Pillainayagam, author of Ellie Pillai is Brown

    'A fierce, girl-powered table flip on the superhero genre ... The Love Interest is funny, punchy, uproariously disruptive, and tender-hearted,' ― Amara Sage, author of Influential

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