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Part of our flash, damaged book discount sale!


The Pomegranate Gate by Ariel Kaplan with a signed bookplate. All damages are aesthetic. See photos and the list below for specific faults:


A: Bumped top left corner, leading to damage on the dust jacket and hardback.

B: Damaged page edges and slight bump to the bottom of the spine.

C: Damaged page edges and squashed hardback to the bottom left front/spine.

D: Ink leakage? Black lines down the sprayed edges, plus smears to the top and bottom edges. Might come off with some careful washing.

E: The top of the spine is slightly bumped, plus some marks on the bottom page edges. Not noticeable once on the shelf, and may come off with careful washing.

F: Damaged page edges and squashed hardback to the top left front/spine.

G: Marks on the top and bottom page edges, plus some faint black lines along the sprayed edges.


As with all our damaged sale stock, items are not eligible for return.

The Pomegranate Gate

PriceFrom £9.99
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