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Peace in one world always comes at a cost to the other. Toba and Naftaly’s lives changed forever when Toba discovered the mirrored world of the Maziks beyond the Pomegranate Gate. In their search for answers, they must find their own ways to the wonderous and powerful neighbouring republic of Zayit.


A magnificent city overflowing with olives, spices and salt—but not the safe haven they need. The republic has turned its back on fleeing Jewish and Mazik refugees, and is closing its ears to warnings of war. Meanwhile, the tyrannical Mazik King Tarses is building his army to cross the sea to Zayit.

With time running out, and his visions growing worse, Naftaly must convince his beloved Barsilay to rally the armies of the world and accept his role as the true heir to the throne. But Barsilay resents the fate that’s been thrust upon him. Toba knows that Zayit's fate is only the beginning: she must discover her own destiny to defeat Tarses by restoring the balance between worlds.

Unlikely alliances must be forged, impossible myths must be made real, and the city of Luz must be brought back from the depths of the sea.

The Republic of Salt by Ariel Kaplan (The Mirror Realm Cycle #2)

Expected to ship on September 12th.
  • Format: Hardback

    ISBN: 9781837861316

    Imprint: Solaris

  • Praise for The Pomegranate Gate:


    “The Pomegranate Gate is an unforgettable journey to a world lush with magic and imagination. Every page is unearthly and delightful in equal measure—I couldn’t put it down.” — Natasha Siegel, author of Solomon’s Crown


    “An amazing, exciting book, full of Jewish lore, history, and enchantment!” — Veronica Schanoes, author of Burning Girls and Other Stories


    “The Pomegranate Gate is the sweeping Jewish epic fantasy I’ve been waiting for all my life” — Rebecca Fraimow, author of The Iron Children.


    “Wow, I loved it. It’s mythic and human, breathtaking and special. I want to read everything Ariel Kaplan does. You’ll break the rules and eat the fruit just so you can stay in this magical world for a little while longer.”—C. L. Polk, Nebula Award-winning author of Even Though I Knew the End

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