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Taking the epic Italian legend of Orlando Furioso as his starting point, Alex Myers unravels a tale of fate, of East and West, of twinship and of heroic self-affirmation; once more translating a classic into a multi-layered new story sure to delight fans of Uprooted and The Bear and the Nightingale.


Beyond the stars, two gods vie to rule the world. One stands for Nature - the belief that everything is stamped in flesh from the start.


The other, Nurture - the belief that all is potential, that the true self is coaxed out through love and living. And so, they take a bet. Each immortal selects a set of twins as their champions.


The twins that prevail in contest will decide which immortal rules. In a westerly valley, a girl and boy are born to a noble family, to be raised by a mysterious teacher – ready to love and instruct them in everything, regardless of society's expectations. To the east, a woman washes ashore on an island inhabited only by a sorcerer. With her final breaths, she gives birth to twins. These two are raised with careful neglect by the sorcerer – surrounded not with love but with danger, magic and wildness.


Society expects these children to become men and women. But the immortals care nothing for human norms and raise the twins according to their own ends. Which twins will prevail? What truly matters in determining who a person will become?

The Symmetry of Stars by Alex Myers

  • Format: Paperback

    ISBN: 9780008352738

    Publisher: HarperVoyager

  • Praise for The Story of Silence:


    '[Myers'] prose is utterly enchanting. Fantasy and historical fiction readers will delight in this mythical contribution to Arthuriana,' -
    Publishers Weekly


    "Remarkable," – New York Times.

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