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In this queer reimagining of an Arthurian legend, Knights of the Round Table Lancelot and Tristan set out on a quest to find the missing magician Merlin but instead discover an unexpected romance perfect for fans of The Prince and the Dressmaker and Squire.


When Merlin goes missing and Camelot falls under attack, King Arthur sends his estranged half-sister, Morgan le Fay, and esteemed Knights of the Round Table, Tristan and Lancelot, to find him. As the reluctant trio travels through Albion saving towns from treacherous foes and battling fae, their bonds deepen, and sparks fly between the two knights. Before they can sort through their complicated feelings, an unexpected dark force appears, bringing what just might be the end of Camelot. 


From debut author James Persichetti and new talent L.S. Biehler, Tristan and Lancelot: A Tale of Two Knights will sweep readers away with an epic quest and a love story for the ages.

Tristan and Lancelot: A Tale of Two Knights by James Persichetti, L.S. Biehler

Expected to ship on June 20th.
  • Format: Paperback (Graphic Novel)

    ISBN: 9780358541233

    Imprint: HarperAlley

  • Expressive characters both human and fantastical are lushly rendered in radiantly colorful illustrations by Biehler; uncomplicated dialogue and a straightforward plot by Persichetti make this a lively, action-packed romance for fans of Merlin and Gwen & Art Are Not in Love. — Publishers Weekly

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